The Wishing Jar (2017); Written, Directed, and Animated by Denver Jackson.

One starry night, a little girl, Ruby, chases a star streaking across the night sky. With her walking, talking Teddy bear following close behind her, Ruby runs with hope to capture the star in her jar so that she may make one more wish.

S.O.S. (2017) Directed and Animated by Denver Jackson.

When Aria receives an SOS from her long lost mother, she must travel to the edge of space and unlock the mystery of a ship called Somnius to find her.

Gord's Brother (Short, 2015); Produced by Daniel Hogg

Set in a world where monsters and humans co-exist, human boy Gord runs away with his monster brother Ethan to try to find a new home for Ethan in the fabled City of Monsters.

Two 4 One (Feature, 2014) (Trailer); Produced by Daniel Hogg

When transgendered Adam helps his baby-crazy ex-girlfriend Miriam artificially inseminate, they wind up in bed together— and they both get pregnant. Now Adam must reconcile his identity and gender with his biological reality, grapple with his feelings for Miriam, and try to figure out what it means to be a man.